How To Save Time Sharing Files in Business

Sometimes you require sharing files with clients or staff that tend to be a little too big for emailing, or perhaps it’s that you update them frequently and a number of people need to access them at one time. Emailing back and forth can be time consuming as well as a concern that people have the latest updated file.

Between myself, staff or clients I use Dropbox. You get 2GB of free space, and of course if you need more, you can always upgrade and pay for more space.  Most of the files that I get from my clients or staff are under 2GB so I’ve never needed to upgrade.

Dropbox is one of the most popular and well known but it isn’t one of the cheapest – so if you were looking at needing to pay for larger storage capabilities then SpiderOak is probably a more cost effective solution.

Other solutions that need to be considered when choosing which storage & share system to use is the flexibility of services it provides. Such services for example would be:

  • keeping the files in sync across all computer devices including your mobile phone,
  • ease of use (eg drag & drop)
  • whether it integrates with other management tools available on the internet you may want to use
  • whether they work on different operating systems such as Mac or PC when shared
  • the security of your files online.

In regards to measuring up on all of the services, this is where I believe for me Dropbox is the winner. These are only two systems I’ve mentioned and to read in more detail to compare them or others like them here is a great article with a comparison table by

Digital Brand Consulting & ServicesAlthough Dropbox is not a social media tool, it is how files are shared in groups on Facebook. My business is very familiar with using it’s features as part of our company’s own virtual system between client’s and staff. So if you’re experiencing trouble setting it up or want to know which system is best for your business, my agency Buzz Web Media, is more than happy to assist you in the decision making and setting up to save you the time.