Connect Pinterest to your Facebook Page

One of the many frustrating things about social networks is when you have found a really cool one but can’t get it to integrate with your other social worlds the way you want it to. Pinterest allows you to add your account to your Facebook profile but here’s a FREE app I found to help you connect Pinterest to your Facebook Page.

It’s real simple to use and you don’t need to know any coding to install it. Here is the link to add it if you already have a Pinterest account set up: Just follow the instructions and select the page you wish to connect it to.

However if you don’t have a Pinterest account then make sure you create that first by going to: You can follow me there at once you’ve set up ;)

Once you start creating boards and pinning your activity will start to flow through to your Facebook Page for likers to see, just like it does on your Facebook Profile.

If you want to have this App on display or customise the image or name, it is a matter of following these instructions:
✧ Open up all your Apps connected to Page
✧ Hover over the top right corner of the Pinterest App & click on the pencil,
✧ In the drop down you can select which other App you want to swap it with.
✧ If you want to change the image or name click on ‘Edit Settings’.

Once Pinterest is connected to your Page and on display then it is a quick way for people to access your boards which could be full of your products and links to your sites where they can purchase them. Having your boards represent categories is a good way to keep many products organised and easy to browse through too eg if you sell jewellery or fashion items.

Hope you enjoy the time saving and ease of flow using this one! If you want to check out how mine displays head over to my Pinterest app tab on Facebook. You might like to read how to add the ‘pin it’ button to your browser too – this makes pinning anything on the web a breeze!