Foursquare: More Benefits than Meeting Friends

Simply put, Foursquare is an application for your mobile that tracks where you and your friends are, so that if you are in the same area, you can meet up. But there are more benefits to using FourSquare – especially if you or your clients are in the catering business. Lets take a look at some of the main tools.

Claim your place as a business/company. If your client or business is not using this tool then they need to. Because if your business is listed then it can start to gain the marketing benefits from those that use FourSquare to find places near the location they are in.

Another useful tool for businesses is ‘adding an employee to your FourSquare venue’. They can then help you manage the ‘venue’. Once you’ve claimed your venue on Foursquare, it’s now time to add employees to your foursquare venue. Log into Foursquare then navigate to your employee’s foursquare profile page. Once on that page, scroll down the right side of the page until you see the “Employee Of” header (below Mayorships and above Friends). There you will find a drop-down box. Simply drop-down choose your venue. Then click Add.

If you are wanting to manage a personal and business FourSquare account from the same mobile – think about installing Kickball to help you operate both. Manage one via Kickball and leave the other running normally with the FourSquare App. Kickball is for iphones only at the moment.

To set up basic developing specials, promotions and analytics for a business venue take a look at

And if you or your clients are in the food or catering industry it’s worth knowing about which allows you to search for the best places to eat based on the recommendations and tips coming from FourSquare. This is still in development and only available in some areas.

Avoidr lets you make a list of  people who you want to avoid. After logging in to FourSquare, you’re presented with a list of your friends usinf FourSquare. You can choose which friends you want to avoid and even add an insult (such as ‘idiot’). Then you click ‘avoid.’ When out and about and deciding where to go, click ‘Places to Avoid’ to see the list of places these people are at.

Other interesting functions are being able to look at your past FourSquare travels with Google Earth. To do this:

  • Go to your FourSquare Feeds page, right click on the KML link & copy the link location (do not download the file).
  • Now go to Google Earth, then; Add > Network Link.
  • Give your feed a name eg FourSquare History & paste the URL you copied into the “Link” box. Click OK.

There is even Pee*Free which helps you find the nearest rest room and gives you a hygiene rating too. At the moment this is only available on Android – not iphone, but coming soon.

If you want to check FourSquare from a Mac/PC and not your mobile don’t think going to is going to work….. try instead – yeah, go figure!

So Foursquare has more benefits than just meeting friends and plenty of opportunities for a business to adopt it as part of their local, mobile and social marketing strategy. For any more information on how your business can use FourSquare or other social media and mobile marketing tools send me an email, I am always happy to help.